The Dead Man's Fingers Original Rum from England

A weird name, a skull on the bottle and flavours that simply make you happy. This is our Dead Man's Fingers, a delicious rum and a true unique piece! The brand and its unusual name originate in the fish restaurant called Crab Shack. It thus comes from the small coastal village of St. Ives in Cornwall, a county on the southwest coast of England, near Plymouth.

Inside the Rum and Crab Shack, a famous seafood joint in picturesque St Ives, Cornwall; crusty old tradition was rejected in favour of flavours new and so a spiced rum was born, Dead Man's Fingers. This premium spiced rum took inspiration from unusual local flavours and then took one step further. The range now includes the tropically inspired Coconut Rum... perfect for a Pina Colada!

As it should be for a restaurant on the coast, crabs are also on the menu in the Crab Shack. These are still surrounded by the wildest myths today. The reason for this is the long, finger-like gills, which are often referred to as The Dead Man's Fingers, the Fingers of the Dead. According to legend, you die as soon as you eat these gills. Ultimately, the strange name for our rum comes from here.

The goal was to create a rum with the Dead Man's Fingers that defies all existing conventions and frees them from tyranny. Ancient traditions have been discarded in favor of new flavors and combined with real Cornish Souls to produce unusual flavours.

The result: Exceptional rums, which are expressed by very special ingredients in unmistakable flavours. Made with a lot of passion and passion. And you can taste that too!

What makes the Dead Man's Fingers Rum so special

The rums of Dead Man's Fingers have resulted in spirits that are fun and especially suitable for mixing cocktails. The basis is two years of stored Caribbean rum. Whether at parties, festivals or for delicious cocktails at home - with its extraordinary aromas, this rum is a great all-rounder and ensures a good mood at all times.

The brand received not one, not even two, but directly four gold medals at the Rum and Cachaca Masters 2020. The Dead Man's Fingers received a medal for the varieties Spiced, Hemp, Coffee and Coconut. And in 2021 we added another one and won five gold medals, each for the varieties Spiced, Mango, Raspberry, Hazelnut and Pineapple.

Caribbean distillates are used as the basis for all Dead Man's Fingers rum varieties. The spirits owe their unique aroma to two years of storage and the addition of carefully selected spices.

The bottle sizes range from small bottles with 5 CL, to bottles with a capacity of 70 CL, to magnum bottles with a rich 1 liter capacity.

All rums have an alcohol content of 37.5% vol.

The Dead Mans Fingers Spiced Rum

In Dead Mans Fingers Spiced Rum, classic blended rum meets Caribbean-exotic spices. Nuances of saffron, Pedro Ximenez ice cream and caramel are in the foreground of the bouquet. The aromas of vanilla, cinnamon and nutmeg complete the entire work of art. Subtle and sweet undertones of orange and a hint of black pepper form the spicy and at the same time sweet note of rum. The unconventional taste experience makes the Dead Man's Fingers a perfect blender for a variety of cocktails. He is therefore something very special, not only for rum lovers!

In addition to the Spiced Rum, the rum varieties Rasperry and Mango are among the bestsellers of Dead Man's Fingers. But also the tropically inspired varieties such as coconut, passion fruit and mango are highly sought after by our Spirtitous connoisseurs.

The unique flavors and exotic aromas make you want more! Treat yourself to a drink with one of our extraordinary rums from The Dead Man's Fingers. Pure and especially good in cocktails!