Mary-Le-Bone Gin

Rooted in the history of London’s Marylebone Pleasure Gardens when they were in full swing back in the 1830s. Mary-Le-Bone Gin has a smooth elegance with just a hint of inspiration from the exotic blend of people and pleasure who would have visited the gardens. Produced in the centre of London, this gin captures the essence of the London Dry Gin style.

Our Marylebone from London, England

Marylebone is located in England and is a neighbourhood in London, located in the City of Westminster, north of Oxford Street. 

Today, the city of Marylebone in London is best known for its numerous cafés and fashion boutiques. These extend from Marylebone High Street to Madame Tussauds to the Sherlock Holmes Museum. The Marylebone hotel with its own and very well-known hotel bar is also located in the immediate vicinity of Oxford Street. 

In the middle of the 18th In the 19th century, Marylebone gained his attention especially through his "Pleasure Garden", a leisurely retreat that was mainly associated with elegance and sophistication, although the entertainment offered there was often brutal and violent. Marylebone now combines a chic residential area with a village character, which still tells the stories of the 17th century. /18. Century told.

Jonny Neill has gin in his blood!
The man behind Mary Le Bone

The man behind our Marylebone Gin is Johnny Neill. As a child, he discovered a bottle of gin in his grandmother's house, which wanted to learn more about the spirits that his family has been producing since 1762. 

Johnny was born, so to speak, through his father and grandfather, both of whom also produced gin. Through his grandmother, Johnny Neill began to learn a lot about gin. Above all, he learned how to change the taste of a gin by adding certain ingredients. Soon became a real gin lover. 

His learned and deeply rooted know-how is reflected in his numerous spirits creations. Johnny Neill is considered a master of distillation. 

The production of gin takes place in one of the most centrally located distilleries in the heart of London in the UK. In the home-house "Bar 108", in London, the gin is distilled in small batches.

Special features of the Marylebone Gin

The Marylebone Gin combines thirteen carefully selected ingredients and aromas, which are macerated overnight in neutral raw wheat alcohol. The distillation then takes place in small batches in a copper still. This apparatus is considered an absolute special feature and bears the name "Isabella", which it owes to an ancestor of the brand founder Johnny Neill. The distillery with its in-house "Bar 108" is very centrally located in the heart of London. 

The Marlylebone Gin convinces not only with the classic and traditional juniper note, but also with a refreshing citrus aroma with a floral touch, Kassia bark and grapefruit, as well as other selected aromas and spicy hints of liquorice, coriander and other spices. 

All these carefully selected ingredients give the Marylebone Gin a fruity-flowery aroma. The eye-catching and special bottle design is also considered an absolute eye-catcher! Whether in your own home bar, bar or restaurant: an alcoholic drink with character! Definitely a special gin variety!

The taste of Marylebone Gin

The taste of Marylebone Gin goes beyond the classic juniper taste. The combination of botanical products such as junipers, lime blossoms, lemon balm, cloves, floral nuances, liquorice and grapefruit tempt the Marylebone Gin to have a unique taste experience. The taste can be described as spicy, slightly earthy with a floral scent of citrus flowers. A real favorite among the gin varieties. Try a glass and see for yourself! A taste experience for all lovers of juniper drink!

Especially good in combination with...

The Marylebone Gin has a high alcohol content, which makes the muscles play. This gin makes every drink a tasty one! Traditionally, the Marylebone Gin can be enjoyed in combination with tonic water. The Marylebone London Dry Gin (50.2& vol.) can be wonderfully combined with an Indian Tonic Water. We also recommend combining the Marylebone Cask Aged Gin (50.2% vol.) in a gin fizz. The persistently spicy finish convinces particularly well in these combinations.

The Marylebone range:

  • Marylebone Cask Aged Gin 0.7 liters 51.3% vol.
  • Marylebone London Dry Gin 0.7 liters 50.2% vol.
  • Marylebone Orange & Geranium Gin 5 cl Mini 

The Marylebone varieties are available in 0.7 liter bottles. In addition, the Marylebone Orange & Geranium Gin is available in the 5cl Mini Edition.