What makes the Whitley Neill Gin so special

The reason for the unmistakable taste of the gin is not only the heart and soul that Jonny Neill put into the production, but also because of the mysterious and exotic ingredients used in the production. This is also evidenced by the symbol of the brand: the unmistakable silhouette of the root of the Baobab tree.

In addition to the classic spices for gin, two African plant substances are used in the recipe. These two spices are the gooseberry, also known as Physalis, and the baobab fruit from the monkey bread room. They are responsible for giving the distillate an extravagant and exotic touch.

All ingredients are macerated into basic alcohol from cereals, then distilled and liquefied to drinking starch with pure spring water. The special thing about the production of the dry gin is the burning process. The Whitley Neill London Dry is distilled in a centuries-old copper burning bubble (a copper boiler). The selection of ingredients is of the highest quality and ensures the remarkable character of the spirit.

The diverse and slightly exotic taste of Whitley Neill's London Dry Gin is characterized by a fine juniper aroma and fresh citrus notes. The earthy nuances of the roots and the fruity-spicy note complete the bouquet. The fine hint of cinnamon in the finish then gives the gin its final and unique aroma.

Thanks to its multi-layered aromas, the Original Dry Gin is perfect for a classic gin and tonic with an Indian tonic water. But the juniper drink can also convince in the Gin Fizz or Martinez. In the meantime, Whitley Neill's range has expanded many times over. The basis is always the classic Whitley Neill Dry Gin. The appropriate ingredients for the respective gins are then added and added sugar and citric acid. Today, the Whitley Neill range ranges from the classic handcrafted version to very extraordinary flavors such as gooseberry, quince, blood orange or rhubarb and ginger.

Bars and consumers provide the international company Halewood with inspiration for the constantly new innovations of gin, thus ensuring current trends and a constantly new taste experience for gin lovers. The bottle sizes range from small bottles with 5 CL, to bottles with a capacity of 70 CL, to magnum bottles for 1 liter capacity. All gins have an alcohol content of 43 % vol.

We have the varieties all in our shop. Find out what your gin heart desires! The Whitley Neill range is really unique.

Whitley Neill Rhubarb & Ginger Gin

While Johnny Neill had received the most inspiration for his award-winning gins from the intrepid ventures of his ancestors, he developed the recipe for rhubarb & ginger gin, on the other hand, largely on the basis of memories he had collected even in his childhood on his grandparents' farm. For this he resorted to a fixed family favorite with rhubarb flavor. The essence of rhubarb already gives the soft English gin a bitter and crisp note. However, the addition of fresh ginger gives the rhhubarb & ginger gin a very special pleasant twist and ensures a full-bodied and warming finish on the palate.

The rhubarb armona is at the forefront of taste and is accompanied by a slightly warming spiciness of ginger. The typical spicy note of juniper and coriander are the basis for taste. At 43% vol., the gin has a strikingly high alcohol content and is therefore perfect as a mixed drink. Especially in combination with gin fizz or ginger beer, this tastes particularly good.